When Do You Need A New Furnace

This is a fantastic year to have a new high efficiency furnace.  After two mild winters we have finally got back to normal here.  A lot of furnace operating hours of use means large PG & E bills.  The customers that used the Energy Upgrade […]

Heat wave!

Well we made it through our first heat wave of the summer. It was a very mild spring so it seems like everyone turned their AC on the same day.  Normally we would have some short heat waves during the spring to prepare us but […]

HVAC Summer

Hello there 🙂 It’s hard to believe that summer is coming. It has been such a cool spring. Looks like rain clouds almost everyday. We know here in the bay area that this overcast keeps us cool quite a bit during the warm months but […]


 Hello There,  Ducting is a important but hidden part of your HVAC system. The air that heats or cools your home flows through these ducts that are either under your floor or in the attic in most cases. Ducts need to be cleaned like anything […]

Electronic Air Cleaners

Hello There, It seems like allergy season in the bay area is year round.  I know it affects me and others suffer as well.  Electronic air cleaners and air purifiers are very popular to handle this airborne pollen and dander that creates the problem.  The […]

Filter changing time

It is that time of year. We are ready to turn the page to Summer.  It was a very mild winter even more so than ever we are going to have varying degrees of debris accumulated on our furnace filters.  For washable filters I recommend […]

Air Conditioning Specials

Hello Again,  We have exciting news here at Flanders Heat & Air Systems.  We are preparing our website to offer coupons online!  Free service call with repair,Furnace or AC tune up,Spring cool cash rebates,PG&E AC Quality care program,Energy upgrade California rebates up to $4050,Free second […]

AC Quality Care

Hello Everyone.  Well last week was fun. All the guys at Flanders trained at PG&E to qualify ourselves in offering the PG&E rebates to maintain Air Conditioning units.   The energy upgrade ca program is a great way to buy new heating and air conditioning equipment […]

Energy Upgrade CA

Hello my HVAC friends.  Weekly we will be writing about energy efficient furnaces and content about rebate programs and PG & E rebates and other items.  BPI certification is a important part of our business and we really would like to speak to you about […]

Hot weather is already here?

Hard to believe that warm weather is here in when it is still winter.  Global warming? Climate change?  Who knows?  Exactly.  We are here to help with Energy upgrade CA rebates available and High efficiency HVAC equipment.  That means Air conditioning.Furnaces,Heaters,Ducting,Ventilation.  We are all about […]